Thursday, February 7, 2008

Amalgamation in Vancouver

I have argued for amalgamation for Greater Victoria for several years now. The same needs to be said of Metro Vancouver.

There is not a need to make a single a large city, but there are some obvious amalgamations that need to happen now.

1) North Vancouver City and North Vancouver municipality - there is no reason to have these be separate.

2) The Tri-Cities along with Anmore and Belcarra - five governments for one set of people? Makes no sense on any planet.

3) Richmond with the western half of Delta (Ladner and Tsawwassen) - the flow together nicely and the existing Delta makes no sense

4) North Delta , Surrey, both Langleys and White Rock

5) Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster.

6) Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadow

One could majorly rejig many of the boundaries south fo the river to reflect the reality of the communities that exist there, but let us start with this.

I have left West Vancouver out of this because they have enough clout and power to mess up an suggested amalgamation. In reality they should be made part of North Vancouver even if they are a fantasy island outside of reality.

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