Monday, June 23, 2008

Why is the NDP so old?

Given that my friends tend to almost all be political types, I get to have some insight into various political parties.

The Greens tend to be either younger anarchistic/libertarians or older hippies. I feel old at Green events. The fact that the party has so many young people certainly says the party is one that will be doing better and better all the time.

The BC Liberals are all over the place agewise and I feel typical age for a Liberal event, though the young guys in suits with hair gelled strike me as to smarmy to be true.

And then there is the NDP. I have the occasion to be at some NDP events of late. All I can say is that the rooms looked old. I felt like I was at the Les Pasmore seniors centre. I felt like I was one of the young people there. The hair was all grey!

20 years ago the NDP had a problem with getting more younger people join. Now it is 2008 and the party does not seem to have done anything. Will the NDP die out in BC because all the members will be dead?

The NDP is still in the control of the same generation of people that were involved in the waffle movement. There is something wrong with that.

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