Friday, September 19, 2008

Green Party in BC

The latest polling from both Ekos and Harris/Decima has the Greens in BC at 18%.

Conservatives 39
NDP 24
Liberals 19
Greens 18

Conservatives 36
NDP 22
Liberals 22
Greens 18

The obvious thing is that the Conservatives are comfortably in the lead and not in much danger anywhere.

Less obvious is what these polling numbers mean for the other parties. If they hold, the Liberals will suffer badly, very badly and may be looking at a shut out. The Liberals will also be out of election expense revovery in a number of the ridings, something they can not afford at the moment.

At the same time the Greens are high enough that they are running second and third in a whole series of ridings, but the question is where? Could they be coming close to first in Vancouver centre?

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