Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am in a Cranky Mood

I have a headache at the moment, a killer one, and this is making me cranky.

There are a lot of centre left political elites out there promoting strategic voting to stop a Conservative government. They seem to think the NDP and Liberals are identical, which would mean in BC we are nirvana because the NDP/Liberals hold all the seats in the province.

If the environment is your number one issue you need to be voting Green. If not Green, Conservative. Mulroney did more for the environment than Chretien or Martin. The Liberals are the kings of bait and switch, the Green Shift will not happen under the Liberals, the party that promised an end to the GST and a national daycare program. Stephen Harper has done more with his minority for the environment and climate change than the 13 pervisous years of Liberals.

If you are with the labour movement, you have to vote NDP. Voting for the Liberals is voting for the most senior top down business owners in Canada. The Conservatives are a lot more grassroots and connected to the labour movement than the federal Liberals are.

Vote for what you believe in, do not vote for a chrimera pretending to be something you do not like.

I am voting Conservative because I trust them as the only party not to screw up the economy and they might finally work on reducing the millstone around our neck called the federal governmen. Honestly on a day to day basis the federal government does little or nothing for Canadians, it is our provincial governments and local goverments that deliver the services.

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