Friday, January 30, 2009

The New Polling Numbers

In the middle of the month there was a flurry of polls and on January 27th there were some new numbers from Angus Reid.

What we are seeing from all the polls is the following:

  • Conservatives - 38%
  • Liberals - 30%
  • NDP - 17%
  • Bloc - 8%
  • Greens - 7%

The party up the most from the election are the Liberals. They managed 26.2% in the election. The strength for them seems to be in Quebec and at the expense of the Bloc or in the West at the expense of the NDP - depends on which polls your are looking at. All the polls point to increased Liberal support in Atlantic Canada.

So what do these numbers mean for an election - not much at the moment. Much will be decided over the next months as the budget plays out.

Jack Layton may or may not benefit from the irrational tirade against the Liberals, it is hard to say. From some of the online surveys, the budget is popular with people and seen as the right response at the moment. For the NDP to rail against this will not bring a lot of benefits.

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