Friday, March 20, 2009

Blog in favour of the Carbon Tax

Lead the Way is a blog in favour of the carbon tax in BC. The blogger is looking at all manner of environmental policy issues in BC leading up to the election. I like it because he is pro BC Liberal based on their actions and is not simply anti-government because of long held rhetoric.

As it stands at the moment, the BC Liberals have clearly shown they are strongly green, well as strongly green as anyone can be when in government in the current paradigm.


Anonymous said...

The carbon tax is folly, doesn't work and is really a shift to consumption taxes a neo-liberal favourite. As for Run of River, they are anything but green. The construction of habitat, the diversion of habitat and all for small 30 MW of energy. Not the mention the 1000s of Km of transmission lines and the clear cutting that goes with building them.

The Liberals aren't green, nor in favour of first nations tenure. The Liberals just pretend to be whatever they think will win votes.

Unprincipled. Unimaginative and Uncaring. The BC Liberals.

Bill Vander Zalm said...

What does that make the NDP? They used to harp that BC desperately needed a carbon tax and have a site called Sustainable BC which states bluntly in the video that they want a tax on carbon emissions. In fact, it's former NDP environment minister Joan Sawicki saying it.

So if the Liberals are unprincipled, unimaginative and uncaring, what does that make the NDP, other than deceitful.

Anonymous said...

Is that all you got really, ancient news and quotes. I could dig up a few from Liberals, also. Let us concentrate on the here and now, not ancient history.

leadthewaybc said...

Environmentalists like David Suzuki, Mark Jaccard, and Andrew Weaver are all in favor of a Carbon Tax. Carole James is in favor of a carbon tax (sometimes though, it depends who asks!).

Where does that leave you, Quimby?

As for pretending -- the NDP say that they'll oppose all IPP projects, except for ones already started, even though they accept that they're good for the environment and economy. But they also contest that they would never approve such a project [despite it being good for the environment and economy]. Flip flop much?