Friday, April 17, 2009

Website belonging to the leader of BC Reform

Contrary to everything that anyone thought, BC Reform is not dead and Ron Gamble is not the leader but the president. The leader is David Hawkins and he has a personal website called Hawk's Cafe.

Hawk's Cafe is one of these "9/11 is a hoax" type of sites, the 21st century version of holocaust denial. I believe everyone has a right of freedom of speech no matter how stupid their ideas are. David Hawkins has a right to speak about his fantasy world, I also have the right to point out that he is fundamentally wrong and is insulting to rational thinking human beings.

When I find out about holocaust deniers, I will expose them, as I did in the 2005 election with one of the Green Party candidates. I oppose all racists as well and will not appease them. Anti 9/11 people are at heart racists.

I have no interest in debating 9/11, there is no evidence for the delusional ideas of the anti 9/11 people and to debate people incapable of understanding what happened on that day is a waste of my time.

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