Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Premier's Address - I guess I need to say something

I watched the whole thing last night after I got home from Scouts and there is nothing wrong with what he said and I am glad to see he is lower personal income taxes - in Canada we are too reliant on taxing personal income as a source of government revenue, we do not use tax policy enough to shape behaviour.

Where does it all fall apart?   The lack of passion and the inability to grab the emotional heart of the viewer in the first 15 seconds is what was missing.   A large part of the population does not like the premier and he did nothing in this address to deal with that issue in any substantive way.  

What did we get?   Well we all heard that there will be a 15% cut in our personal income taxes and that grade 4 education results would be better.  Really?  That was it?

Personally I was hoping to hear about the reorganization of the natural resource and environment ministries as it is still completely unclear to me how this new structure can possibly work.   This is a huge change to Crown Land use in this province and needs to be well explained which has not occurred 72 hours after the change happened.   Ministry staff are still uncertain which ministry they are in.  From what I hear, the media will be getting a technical briefing on this next Tuesday.   I am not sure when there will be roll out for the public or people involved with Crown Land use issues.

For myself it was ultimately depressingly underwhelming.

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