Monday, November 15, 2010

The Race to be the Next Premier of BC

Discounting long shots such as Blair Lekstrom, Rick Hansen, John Furlong, and Keith Martin, the Liberals need to be concerned about two people saying no to the chance to be the leader of the party and the next premier.

Two of the most popular choices to lead the Liberals were Carole Taylor and Dianne Watts.   Both have now ruled out a run for the job.  This is not good for the party because ideally the next leader needs come from outside of the current caucus to give the party some distance from the HST issue and have any chance of winning, or even doing well, in the next election.

Doing well is important because in BC the parties of the centre right are defined by not being the NDP than any name they have.  If an existing party falls too low in support there will be a new party to step in and become the anti-NDP coalition.

So far no one has actually come out and said they will run for the leadership.   I am assuming some of cabinet members will choose to run, but for them to get events together and build a larger team of volunteers to be able to win, they need to announce soon.  

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Anonymous said...

I know you discounted James Moore before. But it seems off that after three news articles he still hasnt returned any comment. When Strahl was mentioned he immediately issued a press release denying it.

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