Monday, January 10, 2011

BC Conservative Leadership Race

And the next party is in the process of choosing a leader, the BC Conservatives will have a new leader on May 28th.   Here are the important dates in their leadership process:

  • March 1st - first day for candidates to enter leadership race
  • March 29th - last day for candidates to enter the leadership race
  • May 7th  - last day to join the party and vote
  • May 13th - ballots mailed out to members
  • May 28th - Elect a new leader by universal ballot.

What is interesting about their process is that they will not be accepting candidates to run for leader until after there is a new Liberal leader.   The dates on which someone has to be a member means people can join the BC Liberals and vote for the next premier, quit the party and join the Conservatives and choose their new leader.

More and more it looks like the BC Conservatives have become the #3 party in BC.   For three elections the BC Greens have owned the role as the #3 party in BC but they have stalled out.   I am fairly certain the Greens have been passed by the Conservatives in membership and in money, though the Greens under Jane Sterk have done a good job looking after their financial house with donations up and expenses down.

Here is the text of the BC Conservative press release:

January 9, 2011
BC Conservatives set to elect new Leader in May
The BC Conservative Party is holding a convention to elect a new leader on May 28, 2011. The convention will take place somewhere in the Fraser Valley or Lower mainland at a soon to be determined location.
According to the constitution of the party, the election of a leader will be by universal ballot, with ballots mailed to every member at least 15 days prior to the leadership convention date. Ballots may be returned by mail or delivered to the convention.
“Our leadership race will be truly dynamic and democratic race,” says Wayne McGrath, President of the BC Conservative Party. “Members from all across the province will have an opportunity to select a new leader.”
The party will be accepting applications from leaders between March 1 and March 29, 2011. The deadline for membership to be eligible to vote in the leadership race is May 7, 2011 at midnight, 21 days before the leadership convention.
“The growth in our party has been remarkable,” says Keith Roy, official Spokesperson for the BC Conservatives. “We expect that our leadership race will gather the attention of British Columbians looking for a new political home and a positive alternative to the Liberals and the NDP.”
The BC Conservatives are committed to providing the new home for common sense British Columbians who want lower taxes, greater accountability, and more choice.
For more information, please contact:
Keith Roy
Official Spokesperson

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