Thursday, March 24, 2011

The interesting part of a Canadian politics

I find the passion and blind doggedness of the fringe parties fascinating.   I suspect this is because they are all so far away from rational ideas or are so extreme in their ideas that I can not understand what makes their mind tick.  Some of them are not that extreme, they are just people trying to raise a minority view.  Anyway, here are the list of the more out there parties that would seem to be running in this election:

I know I am opening myself up to the crazies flipping out by paying attention to them and commenting on how off the wall or delusional they are.

I am going to try rate them on several scales
  • Serious - Joke
  • Left - Right
  • Authoritarian - Freedom
  • Crazy - Sane

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Ian said...

I remember hearing that the Animal Alliance Party existed solely to try to bring animal rights to the debates in the one riding they ran in (in Toronto). I think before the vote the lone candidate also endorsed the NDP to prevent from splitting a left-wing vote.