Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BC Municipal Elections - how to vote and really support your candidate

Most of the people in BC will not take the time to vote in the local elections in one month.    For those that do it is important to think about not only who you are voting for but also how you are voting for them.  If you are supporting someone you should really consider 'plumping' your ballot.

In a city like Victoria you can vote for up to eight people on the council ballot.   You do not have to vote all eight, but on average people here vote for six candidates.   This means if you are a candidate, your supporters are giving support to five other people and you do not gain ground on them.

If you are not an incumbent, the extra votes will often go to the best known names on the ballot which will almost always be the incumbents.  If four of five extra votes go to an incumbent, it means for each vote a candidate can bring in is also half a vote for the incumbents.  It is this electoral math that makes incumbents so hard to defeat.

So, if you really support someone - only vote for them and no one else.

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