Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Calgary Centre Candidates for the by-election - one of the expected candidates did not have enough signatures

Candidates in your electoral district
Candidate nameStatusName of partyOffice phone numberName of official agentName of auditor
Joan CrockattConfirmedConservative Party of Canada(403) 768-0118Michael David KahnGary Rozon
Antoni GrochowskiConfirmedIndependent(403) 277-2222Adam NadelskiFred Erlendson
Harvey LockeConfirmedLiberal Party of Canada(403) 262-5886Amanda Lori KriaskiNelson Halpern
Dan MeadesConfirmedNew Democratic Party(403) 460-0952Marc Edward PowerStacey-Ann Campbell
Tony PrashadConfirmedLibertarian Party of Canada(587) 227-0488Nicholas ChanStacy Campbell
Chris TurnerConfirmedGreen Party of Canada(403) 294-9121James Arthur HeringtonStacey Campbell

Progressive Canadian Candidate Ben Christensen did not manage to get 100 signatures - here is what he had to say on twitter about it:
What this highlights to me is that it is good to always get a lot more signatures than you need and then submit your forms early enough that you have time to correct them before nominations close.

Getting 100 signatures is not a hard task - the Liberatian managed it as did independent Antoni Grochowski.

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