Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Female Leaders in Canadian Politics

On November 14th 2013 Canada had six female first ministers, with the PQ election loss last night this is down to two.  If there is an election in Ontario in the near future and the Liberals lose, we will be down to one, Christy Clark in BC.

Even though over the last few years we have had more female leaders of major political parties than ever before in Canada, we have also seen a number of them have to resign or lose office.
  • Pauline Marois - lost re-election in Quebec
  • Allison Redford - resigned as Alberta premier
  • Kathy Dunderdale - resigned as Newfoundland and Labrador Premier 
  • Lorraine Michael - Newfoundland and Labrador NDP leader  had a serious caucus revolt in October 2013 and lost two of her five MHAs
  • Olive Crane - PEI PC leader was removed as leader by the PC caucus in October 2013
  • Eva Aariak - did not win re-election as an MLA in Nunavut, she had already said she did not want a second term as permier
  • Carole James - resigned as BC NDP leader January 20th 2011
There are currently 40 political parties represented in the various legislatures of Canada but only nine of they are lead by women.  On November 1st 2013 this was 13.

Current women political party leaders in Canada:
  • Christy Clark (Liberal) - premier of BC
  • Kathleen Wynne (Liberal) - premier of Ontario
  • Danielle Smith (Wildrose) - leader of the official opposition in Alberta
  • Elizabeth Hanson (NDP) - leader of the official opposition in Yukon
  • Andrea Horwath (NDP) - leader of the 3rd party in Ontario
  • Maureen MacDonald (NDP) - interim leader of the 3rd party in Nova Scotia
  • Lorraine Michael (NDP) - leader of the third party in Newfoundland
  • Elizabeth May (Green) - leader of the fifth party in the House of Commons
  • Rana Bokhari (Liberal) - leader of the third party in Manitoba, not elected to the legislature

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