Saturday, November 12, 2016

Some Ranking of the Conservative Leadership Candidates

There are 12 candidates formally in the race and three more declared, a huge field,  A number of people I know are concerned about Kellie Leitch and considering joining the Conservatives to stop her becoming leader.

To help understand the race I quickly did some ranking of the candidates.

Ranking by relative strength of campaign -  remember this is just my approximation

  1. Kellie Leitch - leading in the polls and has raised the most money
  2. Maxime Bernier - has a strong grassroots organization and is the only real libertarian the race
  3. Andrew Scheer - has the backing of the most MPs
  4. Lisa Raitt - strongest 2nd tier candidate or weakest 1st tier candidae
  5. Erin O'Toole - personable but limited experience in politics
  6. Steven Blaney - not personally popular
  7. Michael Chong - if he catches on with non Conservative members and they join the party support him he could do well.  He is not all that popular with many Conservatives
  8. Chris Alexander - a boringly alright MP
  9. Andrew Saxton - MP from BC.  I am not sure why he is running
  10. Deepak Obhrai - his heart is not in it and really wants Peter McKay to run
  11. Brad Trost - MP going for the very social conservative vote
  12. Dan Lindsay - no idew why he is running
  13. Adrienne Snow - has not yet filed
  14. Pierre Lemieux - has not yet filed
  15. Rick Peterson - has not yet filed - lost the BC Conservative leadership to Dan Brooks which says he can not organize at all

Ranked from most social conservative to least

  1. Pierre Lemieux -  strongly anti abortion
  2. Brad Trost - strongly anti-abortion
  3. Adrienne Snow - a pragmatic social conservative
  4. Kellie Leitch 
  5. Steven Blaney
  6. Rick Peterson - mainly based on an anit immigrant stance but I suspect he is pandering
  7. Andrew Scheer - middle of the pack because I have no idea where he stands on the issues
  8. Dan Lindsay - middle of the pack because I have no idea where he stands on the issues
  9. Andrew Saxton  - middle of the pack because I have no idea where he stands on the issues
  10. Erin O'Toole
  11. Chris Alexander - supports settlement of First Nation treaties and increased immigration but was part the barbaric cultural practices stuff
  12. Lisa Raitt
  13. Deepak Obhrai - supports more immigrants
  14. Michael Chong - supports reform to how parliament works
  15. Maxime Bernier - libertarian
I would rank them on the environment but only Chong seems to have any green creds of any sort.   I am not certain but I think Maxime Bernier, Lisa Raitt  Erin O'Toole and Chris Alexander would not be actively trying to harm the environment.

Here are the candidates someone that is not a conservative might be able to back ordered from best to worst
Michael Chong
Lisa Raitt
Maxime Bernier
Chris Alexander
Deepak Obhai

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