Friday, April 17, 2009

2 CFAX Polls Lately

These are completely unscientific polls but they do tell us a bit about which campaigns are better organized than the others. The results confirm what I seem to be seeing on the ground, the Liberals are better organized than the NDP early in this election.

Thursday's poll
In these early days of the provincial election campaign, which party has impressed you most?
Answer Votes %
Liberals 426 - 47%
NDP 308 - 34%
Greens 118 - 13%
Other 61 - 7%
Total: 913

Wednesday's poll
Now that we've had a few years to digest the pros and cons of the Single Transferable Vote system, will you support it on the provincial election referendum?
Answer Votes %
Yes, let's change to STV. 615 - 52%
No, let's keep our elections the way they are. 446 - 38%
I don't know yet, I may still be swayed over the course of the election. 116 - 10%
Total: 1177

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