Thursday, May 21, 2009

Towards a politics based on civility and cooperation

I hate how the leaders of parties are demonized, how negativity is all that seems to be debated in politics any longer. I have no interest in taking part in this. For the next several years I will be focusing on the positive actions that MLAs and MPs in BC take.

The core values and interests of Carole James and Gordon Campbell are more or less the same. They are seeking a prosperous, healthy, sustainably and thriving future for BC. They may approach it from different ideologies, but the end vision is very, very similar.

Choosing to hate someone like Gordon Campbell is not going to make the world a better place. Hatred and anger are destructive and do not put anyone in a good frame of mind, hatred does not lead towards good policy. Hating someone is a visionless act that gets in the way of what is important.

I would like to see some of the NDP and Liberal MLAs come together and work cooperatively on some issue. I would like to see them become colleagues in governance, but the nature of our political system works against this.

A good first step would for the legislature to change, the MLAs should be in more of horseshoe and seated in a mixed manner around the room. MLA offices should be based on where the MLAs are from and not which party they belong to. The adversarial nature of the legislature needs to be changed.

I know the people in political world will think this is polyannaish, but I believe this would be a better reflection of what the public wants of their MLAs. They want good governance from all 85 MLAs and a real role in running the province for all of them. This seems reasonable to me and has to be possible.

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blaffergassted said...

Reporters who question both sides, are routinely shunted out the door.

They're called 'erratic'.