Thursday, November 25, 2010

How many media stunts will they pull?

I am amused at the ongoing mistakes the Anti-HST crowd makes.    They make an error on their recall petition that others have not made in the past and are now annoyed that it has been rejected.  If they had read things closely enough they would have seen their error before they submitted it.

Frankly I suspect they did this deliberately to get the petition rejected and get the public angry at the government.   They seem to be doing a lot of stuff only to get media headlines even when they are pulled out of thin air or were not an issue previously.

So either they do not know what they are doing and have used no legal counsel to make sure they have done things properly, or they have done this as a media stunt.   I honestly do not think they are dumb enough to have made the mistake and therefore it can only be a media stunt.

I may not agree with the recall, but I more than happy to see people try.  What I am very unhappy with is the blatant and ongoing media stunts of the people opposing the HST.   The recalls are only being done as publicity stunts to keep the anti-HST flame burning.   Why else would they stagger them as they are and why else would they chose a Oak Bay Gordon Head where they can not win?   It is as if they are worried that if they do not do that they are going to lose traction with the public and that by the time people vote in the referendum there may be a different result than they hope for.

So why choose Oak Bay Gordon Head when every political analyst will tell you that it will be impossible?   Because the political media are here in Victoria and a recall campaign here gives them an excuse to moan and whine to the media about government and the process.   This engineered stunt of theirs only highlights the issue.
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