Thursday, October 4, 2012

The US Debate - what a useless piece of TV

Today Mitt Romney is being declared the winner of the debate last night.   There was no winner because both the candidates looked bland and without any ideas.  They expressed no leadership of any sort.

Saying Mitt Romney won is like talking about two AHL teams that have missed the playoffs in one of their last games of the season.   One of the teams wins but it is meaningless.

I think back to one of the best off the cuff interviews given by any politician ever, Pierre Trudeau in October of 1970.   Just watch Trudeau below and think about the fact there was no prep for this and compare his skills with those of either Romney or Obama.   This is not about liking Trudeau or agreeing with him, but just about how masterfully he can answer the questions.

Obama and Romney have been preparing for the debate for months and the result was this lacklustre 90 minutes of TV.   The debate could have been better if there had been moderator interested in actually moderating and had intervened to keep the candidates focused on answering the questions.

The Americans need to bring in someone from the UK because clearly there are no TV journalists in the US that can moderate debates.    They would be well served by Jeremy Paxman or Jon Snow.

Can you imagine like this BBC Jeremy Paxman interview of Michael Howard taking place in the US or even in Canada?   Can you imagine any journalist in North America having the guts to question a politician like this?

Or one can see how Jon Snow handles MP Zac Goldsmith in 2010.


Anonymous said...

from your post it sounds like you have a clip of Trudeau's comment but I don't see a link

Bernard said...

I know, I am looking for a clip that is worth posting and I am drawing blank, nothing was bad or good enough to repeat.