Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fun with a Bob Simpson sign

Yes, a sign on the lawn of the Legislature
I am a fan of Bob Simpson and very much support his re-election.   I asked for a lawn sign even though I am in Victoria.    I actually asked for three, one for a friend and two for me.   One of them for in front of my house in my neighbourhood which is a sea of Rob Fleming signs and the other to take pictures of around these parts.

Yesterday I told my son Daniel to take one of the Bob signs and have fun taking pictures of it around town.   He got together with two of his friends and they had a fun time of it, the most fun any of them have had in this election.   Here are some of their pics

That Bob Simpson sign sneaking into a tourist taking a pic of the Empress
This pic is for you Ross

Support for Bob down at the beach
Bob provides great oversight of what is going on in Victoria

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