Sunday, June 29, 2008


It still amazes me how many people in BC dislike Gordon Campbell. By any objective measure, he has been the best premier BC has seen in generations, the last premier I would even begin to compare against him is Duff Patullo and the only other is Richard McBride. This man is now by far the greenest political leader in Canadian history.

It is amazing that he can govern from the middle and have an effectively non-ideological government and still be accused of being right wing and a neo-con. The one upside to this is that if he is unpopular personally but the clear and only choice for premier, the public will be more likely to vote for STV because they want more and better choices in the future.

I have been wondering what Carole James has been up to as leader of the NDP - her new campaign against the government taking action on global warming is such a transparent attempt for political gain that she is making herself even more disliked and the NDP into a joke.

The upside of this is that such an incompetent and pointless NDP will drive more people to look for some way to have more choice in elections. Once again, STV will benefit. Thankfully the NDP are too stupid to realize that STV is much more popular with the public than they are and they are making no attempt to hitch themselves to a rising star.

The dislike of the government and the opposition means a campaign of "A Pox on Both Their Houses" is likely to be very successful.

STV will also benefit from all the campaigns to increase voter turn out. The reluctant voters in 2005 were 75/25 in favour of STV. Young voters were also strongly in favour of STV, get more of them to vote and the vote for STV goes up.

I remain pessimistic about the chances for STV, but things are breaking in the right direction for a win.

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