Monday, September 8, 2008

New Poll out Today

Segma released a new poll for the federal election. The news is really, really awful for the Liberals. The results look not too far off of my 'wild' prediction of yesterday.

The poll was of 1288 people with a margin of +-2.7%

  • Conservatives 43%
  • Liberals 25%
  • NDP 15%
  • Bloc 8%
  • Greens 7%
This is scary enough, but when one looks are the regional numbers, keeping in mind they are mus more volatile, things look desperate for the Liberals.

In Quebec the Liberals are a distant 3rd. In BC the Liberals are also running third. In Ontario they are behind the Conservatives by 13 points.

In Montreal - the heartland of the Liberals - they are tied with the Conservatives.

In Qubec City they are running behind the NDP and Greens.

In Toronto the Liberals are only marginally ahead of the Conservatives. In the rest of the province they are at 1/2 the Conservative support.

Dion i s behind Layton for best Prime Minister.

What I thought was a reaching prediction yesterday now feels very, very realistic. This looks like it will be election where the Federal Liberal party gets decimated.


Anonymous said...

The NDP total is %15, not %25.

Bernard said...

Thanks for noticing the typo - it is now corrected