Monday, September 15, 2008

Views from a Weekend Trip to Salmon Arm

I had to go up to Salmon Arm this weekend. The trip gave me a chance to see how the sign war was going through various parts of BC. What I saw surprised me.

In very few ridings that I passed through were there many signs up. I did not see much evidence of the election on the ground in the areas that I passed through. The party that had the most signs up, and the only ones in front of private homes that I saw, were the Conservatives. I saw at last some for each Conservative candidate in the ridings I passed through.

For the Greens I saw a few small signs in Salmon Arm and some large Andrew Lewis ones along highway 17 here in town.

For the Liberals I saw a few large Briony Penn signs next to Andrew Lewis's signs, some for Suhk Dahliwal in Newton-North Delta, and some for whomever was running against Nina Grewal.

For the NDP I saw some in the Salmon Arm area, in the riding were Nina Grewal is and some in Kamloops. Where I did not see them was in Saanich and the Gulf Islands, a riding where the NDP came second last time and has had Julian West nominated as their candidate for months now, if not longer. With the NDP doing better than the Liberals in BC, it is surprising I do not see them plastering every inch of BC with their signs right now.

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