Monday, December 1, 2008

What Happens with the Senate?

Currently there are 18 vacancies in the senate and at least 11 more will leave the Senate in the next year. These can be filled by the Prime Minister whenever he likes and this leads to a quandary.

What does Stephen Harper do? Does he fill all 18 vacancies so Dion does not get to it?

If they are not filled, how will the NDP react to Dion appointing new senators? The NDP and the Conservatives have the votes to pass a house motion to abolish the senate.

If Harper does appoint people to the senate, this seriously slows down the process towards reforming the second house. If he does not, I can not imagine Dion not appointing the 18 members as soon as possible.

We will either have a senate that is
  • Liberals 58
  • Conservatives 38
  • Others 9


  • Liberals 76
  • Conservatives 20
  • Others 9
I highly doubt that there can be any agreement among the parties not to fill the seats.

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