Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why is Stephen Harper so hated by so many Canadians?

People may not agree with his politics, but so many of the attacks are completely and utterly personal and focusing on how much people hate him. Why Stephen Harper?

He is not a typical glad handing false fronted politician, he is an introvert by nature. I suspect that this is a core reason people hate him, he is not spending a lot of effort in making himself 'likeable'.

I also think that much of it comes from the simply fact that politically he is putting forward an agenda that generally broadly supported in Canada and has no serious obvious disconnects with the body politic of Canada. All there is left is to hate him and call him a bully.

There are many politicians I disagree with, some of the massively, but there are none I can think of that I hate, not even Benjamin Netanyhu in Israel. I understand that in a democracy politicians are there because they honestly believe that they are making the world a better place. People should honour the service Stephen Harper is giving to Canada in trying to make it a better place.

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