Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bill Bennett from East Kootenay

I know Bill has gotten in trouble with his 'words', but I like him because he is open and clear on who he is and what he stands for. To meet him is to meet a man with a passion for his community, for his part of the world, and for BC in general.

We are lucky to have him as an MLA because he is not a bland, nice, staged and managed politico. We used to have a whole stable of people like this in BC, but over the years the nature of politics has pushed them out of the system.

Bill Bennett is the sort guy I would trust to tell me if something is going to fly or not and if he will get behind it, but he has been pilloried in the media for tell people what he thinks.

I fear that Kootenay East is going to go from having a passionate and strong MLA to a door mat opposition MLA, though I do not know that Troy Sebastian would be someone like that but given the NDP of late the odds are much more likely in the door mat direction.

Lest you think I am purely partisan, Corky Evans is another man with passion, though I know Bill is not a fan. In the new crop of New Democrats I see it in John Horgan, Michael Sather and Shane Simpson. Bill Barlee was also a passionate MLA for the NDP.

It would be a loss for BC, the Kootenaies and the Liberals for Bill Bennett to lose on May 12th.

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