Thursday, March 5, 2009

24 Hours Lay Off Sean Holman

Public Eye Online writer/editor Sean Holman was laid off today by 24 Hours - the media is really in a tailspin.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean that ideology will die or get pared down in the media with this recession?

I.e. is the recession performing a cleansing of the media?

Looks to me that NYT is affected more than WSJ, and Newsweek more than the Economist. FT is under a lot of pressure. SFC about to close down. SPI a zombie.

I think this is affecting one side of the political spectrum a lot more than the other side.


Anonymous said...

Can I add "good riddance" to this?

I think a lot of lefties who thought they were so oh so respected because they carried so much compassion in their bleeding hearts and acted soooo undervaluedly self-righteous are now discovering that few actually gave a hoot when the moment of truth arrives.

Now that in this recession money talks and BS walks, and fat and deadweight has to be cut, they find out the hard way that you can levitate via your bootstraps for a while - but eventually the material laws which they made so much fun of and they thought does not apply to their higher selves, come to get them?

Good riddance, may I say?


Anonymous said...

Glass, you shouldn't be throwing stones, you might break. Remember it was the right-winged economists and politicians that got us into this mess and it is the workers, with their taxes, who are paying for their bail-out. The fat and dead-weight are still collecting their bonuses after driving their companies, banks and insurance businesses into the ground.