Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The NDP and First Nations

The opposition to green power projects on the coast of BC is pushing more and more aboriginal leaders to be either be opposed to the NDP or actively in favour of the Liberals. Lately Eppa(Gerrard Peters) of the In-SHUCK-ch and Judith Sayers of the Hupacasath First Nation both condemned the NDP stance on IPPs. Gerrard was strong supporter of the NDP in the past. Judith Sayers was the public face of the campaign against the Liberal referendum on the Treaty process.

They are not the first, we have seen Sechelt and Klahoose, among others, come out in favour of IPPs.

First Nations in rural BC are looking for ways to diversify their economic options and green power is clearly one of the ways they see getting long term jobs, revenues for their governments and reduce dependency on forestry or fishing.

Salmon farming is also important to many aboriginal people on the coast.

The NDP is very reliant on the First Nation voters on the west coast to elect their MLAs in the more rural areas. The lose of these voters, and a portion of the environmentalists, will cause some real surprises on May 12th in areas people think are safe for the NDP. North Island, North Coast and Skeena are all in danger if the aboriginal people do not vote for the NDP.

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Anonymous said...

I have sensed the same.

Can you write on the "lull" that is hapenning in the campaign .... low voter turnout may allow NDP true-believing activists to mount an effective get-out-the-vote in swing ridings.

How much of a danger is this?