Wednesday, May 13, 2009

50% did not vote

The people that did not vote are giving their tacit support for the current government. Not expressing an opinion means you are comfortable with the status quo.

By this reckoning, about 73% of eligible voters in BC are happy to have Campbell as premier.


Pete Quily said...

not necessarily. Some who don't vote have contempt for all bc political parties. Some think they're vote doesn't count. (they should get Wally Oppal to talk to them) Some think the politicians will do whatever they want when they get in some don't care at all.

No evidence for your assumption

Bernard said...

It is not an assumption I made, but an assertion.

Chosing not to vote is an active decision by the people. Unless you were physically unable to vote, there was no earthly reason why someone eligible to vote in the BC election did not do so other than they made an active decision not to vote.

The decision to vote is clear political choice, it is a political choice of giving your tacit support for whomever wins the election. People come up for all manner of justifications for this decision (too busy, don't care, vote won't count, no one worth voting for etc..) but in the end the justifications simply mask the active decision to agree to whomever wins the election.

Given the ease with which one can vote, it is a very clear and deliberate decision not to vote. As an example, many people went and bought their $5 coffee on Tuesday instead of voting, this one coffee was more important that expressing an opinion against the winner of the election.

Happy is a relative term, but certainly the non-voters are happier to see Campbell get re-elected than have him lose.