Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BC Legislature is back in session

The biggest change in the house is that there are 25 new MLAs in Victoria. This is also the first sitting with 85 MLAs.

There the expected rent a crowd on the lawns, but they are not very big, not like the 1980s. Looking at some video of the lawn today, I picked out about dozen people I know protesting, not hard to do because the crowd is small though speaks to it being the same people over and over again.

The fact that we will be getting a budget next week speaks to the problem of holding the election in May. I think that the legislature should shift the election date to the end of November or early December. I suggest that time of year because it leads into a perfect time of year to allow for the transition between governments and allows enough time for a new government to have a budget in place for February.

So what can we expect this fall? I assume the NDP indignantly railing against the deficit, problems in healthcare, and calling for the HST not to happen. If this is really what the NDP is going to do, it is a waste of time as it is not doing anything to change the debate. There is a lot the government is responsible for that a good opposition can have an impact on.

The NDP is picking and choosing a few issues to go after that they have no solutions for and only work to make people dislike politics more. The party continues to function without any clear plan for how it would govern. The bad approach to opposition means we will continue to have weaker government than we deserve. The Liberals would be a better governing party if they had a strong and organized government in waiting across the aisle.

I am assuming the budget will be the major debate in the house in the fall and I am assuming that the debate will be all about the deficit, government not being open and honest before the election, and cuts to programs.

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Quimby said...

So the Liberal's being completely inept is the NDP's fault???

That line of reasoning is so full of logical fallacies, I won't even touch.

Wow, grasp at straws much?