Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Speeding - A Quick though

The government needs to change its approach on speeding. The speed limit has to be a firm limit and not a scofflaw.

  • Raise the speed limits to what people do drive- if 100 kmh is ok on the Pat Bay and will not get ticketed, the speed limit should be 100 or 105.
  • Ticket at 1 km over the speed limit. The limit should be the maximum and people should be driving below the limit. The speed limit needs to be a clear line. No wondering if 10kmh or 15 kmh will get you a ticket.
  • Bring back radar cameras - police have better things to do than send out tickets. They work and they are efficient. Also assign points with radar tickets.
  • Require a weekend long course on safe driving for everyone that gets a speeding ticket. Cost of the course to be borne by the person. Failure of the course means a loss of license.

Either speeding is a relevant thing to enforce or it is not, how it is dealt with at the moment is the worst of all worlds. All the statistics point to problems with people driving beyond what they are able to and being involved with accidents.

Honestly, the quality of drivers here in BC is not good. The people that think they can drive fast and know what they are doing tend to be the worst drivers.

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