Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Anti-HST campaign

The stop the HST people have released the numbers of where they are at in the campaign and they are doing very well with over 300,000 signatures.   They have also passed 15% of the needed signatures in 17 ridings.

Of the 17 ridings where they have achieve 15% of the voters signing, they only need 10%, not a single one is in Metro Vancouver other than Delta South.    12 of the ridings are held by the Liberals, 5 by the NDP and one by Vicki Huntingdon.   So the campaign is doing a bit better in Liberal ridings than NDP ridings.

In 9 of 11 City of Vancouver ridings are under 30% of their target.  Of the 20 ridings where the campaign is furtherest from their goal, all of them are in the core of the lower mainland.

What this says to me is that there is a very strong right wing populist sentiment in the public supporting this campaign.   The strength closely mirrors where the Reform party did well federally and where Social Credit and BC Reform had significant strength.

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Mr Squid said...

It does seem idiotic that the left has gotten into bed with Vander Zalm on this issue. The lack of the left's ability to control its message (in BC, and almost everywhere else) continues to amaze me. If the anti-HST campaign succeeds and manages to stop this tax the right is going to get all the credit.