Friday, November 19, 2010

What do these MLAs have in common

  • Blair Lekstrom
  • Bob Simpson
  • Norm Macdonald
  • Bill Bennett
  • Katrine Conroy

They are all from interior rural ridings in BC, really rural, no Kamloops, Kelowna or Prince George MLAs among this set.

There are only 18 truly rural ridings in BC, five of these MLAs are at odds with their own party to some extent.   This is almost one in three rural MLAs.  

I do not know what this means yet, but the anti-HST petition process had a lot more traction in rural BC than urban BC.   The top nine ridings in that petition are rural.   There are only two in the top twenty that are urban.   Even more interesting, these five MLAs represent five of the top ten ridings in the anti-HST campaign.

The political culture of small town rural BC seems to be diverging dramatically from urban BC.

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