Friday, December 3, 2010

BC New Democrats United Facebook Page

I have taken this from the Facebook Page BC New Democrats United

I find much of the thinking in this text interesting in its absoluteness.  I have highlighted the sections I find most 'interesting'.   It highlights a view within the NDP that I have disagreed with for decades, the view that someone elected as a New Democrat have to be loyal to the party over the people that they represent.   I also am horrified to see that the people that created this Facebook group equate being opposed to Carole James to be immoral.

We are New Democrats.
For 9 years we have watched the BC Liberals take our province apart.
The only thing that we should be doing right now is preparing to govern and to repair the extraordinary damage that has been caused.
We can not do this without a united caucus.
It is time for members of the NDP caucus to unite and find a way to work together.
NDP MLAs were elected to represent their constituents as a New Democrat in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. They have been elected as a member of a party built on a framework of values and supported by a broad coalition of voters and communities.
We believe that it is the obligation of New Democrats elected as Members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia to work through this conflict and work together. Conflicts and disagreements are a normal part of any group dynamic. However, as an elected representative, the refusal to recognize differences and move forward, is an abrogation of duty.
As New Democrats, we believe that there is a moral imperative to defeat the BC Liberals and form government. We believe that the actions and debates currently being waged are a violation of that obligation.
We may be facing an election in the near future. We have achieved unprecedented levels of support this year, and we should be focused on presenting our case to British Columbians that we are ready to govern.
This includes supporting Carole James as leader.
We have a great deal of work to do, and we all need to do it together, and do it under Carole James' leadership.
Failing to do this could result in the BC Liberals winning another election, and all New Democrats need to take a moment to imagine what that might look like and what further damage they will do.
As a member of the NDP, we promise that will do whatever we can to help you accomplish the goal of working together.

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