Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rob Fleming - NDP MLA Victoria Swan Lake

Over the last few months I have been impressed with what I have seen of Rob Fleming.   He seems to be growing into his role as an MLA and is developing a confidence and skill that was not there a few years ago.

I admit I was not convinced he was ready to be an MLA when he ran for office in 2005 and I honestly thought he should have run for mayor of Victoria instead to get more personal experience outside of the legislature.   Compared to almost all the new MLAs of 2005, he is the one that I think has grown the most into the job.

During the latest drama within the NDP there are various people within the the party that I lost respect for, Rob Fleming is one that gained respect from me.   He has handled a difficult situation with a calm maturity that needed to be exhibited by many others, especially supporters of the leader.   In listening to him on CFAX today, he outlined in clear terms what the NDP needed to do now.  In a matter of a few moments on the radio he did a much better job than Carole James has done of what the party needs to do to govern.

All that said, I am not convinced he has the skills yet to lead the NDP and to be premier, I think if he was smart he would angle to be the interim leader.   He is young enough that he can wait for the next time to become leader and premier.

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Anonymous said...

Fleming would be a great choice for interim leader: I think he would quickly grow into political force if the Liberals decide to violate their own legislation and call a snap election.

The only complication may be where his partner Maura Parte stood on the whole NDP debacle, and whether that is an issue for the caucus.