Monday, August 29, 2011

I really do not want a provincial election this fall

My main reason is that I am going to up to my eyeballs in the municipal elections.   Trying to run a municipal campaigns the same time as there is a provincial or federal election is exceedingly hard.

If an election is called right after labour day, the larger number of politically active people in BC will work on provincial election campaigns.  It is also going to make raising money harder.  Local elections have a harder time than provincial and federal to start with, but the lack of a tax receipt is a killers.

The local elections means people have to decide if they running locally or provincially, they can not do both.   Good local candidates will suddenly be unavailable.

Finally the media.  In Victoria it is hard enough to get the media to pay much attention to the local elections, but with a provincial election, there will be no coverage at all.

Please, please, please - no fall provincial election.

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