Monday, January 9, 2012

The NDP Leadership Race

It is amazing how little interest there is in the NDP leadership race nationally.   The party is choosing the person that is likely to be Prime Minister someday.   I would say that at this time, the odds of the NDP winning the 2019 federal election is fairly high.   2015 is already a write off because the NDP are not ready to be competitive in 250+ ridings and they still have to finish off the rump of the Liberals.   The NDP also needs the 2015 election to get a lot more serious people elected as MPs, historically the brightest and best in the NDP have run provincially in BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Meanwhile south of the border the Republicans are going through the motions to find a sacrificial lamb to through up against Barak Obama.   That race is getting huge amounts coverage even though every rational human knows that only Mitt Romney can win.  

The fundamental difference in how politics works in two countries that are more similar than almost any other pair of countries continues to astonish me.

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