Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time to be a bit cynical for the moment

Let us ignore for the moment the people opposed to smart meters on health grounds  - their opposition is based around a lack of understanding of science or how the scientific community works.    There are others opposed to smart meters, but why are they?

My mind in running in a cynical way at the moment, keep that in mind when reading this list.

  • Dope growers - the old meters and distribution network are nirvana for them them because there is no way to catch them stealing power.   With smart meters the theft of power will be much harder to do and people will caught.   It means the dope growers will have to actually pay BC Hydro for the power.  It is a $100,000,000 annual incentive to them to keep the old meters that make theft easy and undetectable.
  • Numerous businesses that make their living off selling people on the danger of radio waves.   The whole smart meter program is giving them a huge boost.   People are spending money on a solution to a problem that does not exist.   I contemplated listing the ones here in BC, but then I decided they do not need the publicity.
  • COPE local 378 - they represent the meter readers and want to keep the old meters so that the jobs continue for the members.  It would be cheaper for BC Hydro to pay the meter readers to not work and keep the smart meters than bring back the old meters.
  • Partisan opposition to the BC Liberals - various people have jumped on board with the anti-smart meter campaign simply because it is a way to attack the BC Liberals.   Witness the very partisan vote at the Union of BC Municipalities this year.

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