Monday, September 17, 2012

Now that Pauline Marois has been sworn in time to rank female first ministers in Canada

I did a ranking of female first ministers in Canada in June of 2011 and then again June of this year and now with the tenth female first minister sworn in today and I thought I would update it again.   We now have five won premiers in Canada, this is half the first ministers in Canadian history.   It also represents 38% of the first ministers in the country.   They govern over about half of total Canadian population.

I am ranking them based on person days governed - multiply the population by the number of the days in power.
  1. Kim Campbell       Fed 3,786,000,000  132 days PC
  2. Christy Clark      BC  2,429,000,000  552 days Lib
  3. Alison Redford     Ab  1,261,000,000  346 days PC
  4. Rita Johnson       BC    715,500,000  217 days Socred
  5. Kathy Dunderdale   Nf    336,000,000  654 days PC
  6. Catherine Callbeck PEI   149,000,000 1353 days Lib
  7. Nellie Cournoyea   NWT    92,000,000 1469 days na
  8. Eva Aariak         Nu     44,800,000 1404 days na
  9. Pat Duncan         Yk     24,800,000  884 days Lib
  10. Pauline Marois     Que     7,900,000    1 day  PQ
Colours reflect party, underlined means won an election and bold means in power currently

In June of 2011 the total was 5.3 billion days today it is 8.8 billion days.   The five women currently in power have collectively governed for over 4 billion person days.

Using this measurement, Pauline Marois will quickly rise up the list, she will pass Eva Aariak in a six days and Nellie Cournoyea in 12 days.   In just over seven weeks she will pass Kathy Dunderdale.   I will update this list again in late November.

Pauline Marios almost doubled the number of Canadians being governed by a female premier.

We had three female first ministers for 132 days in 1993.  Since March 14th 2011 we have had three or more female first ministers continually.   Given that it seems probable Christy Clark will be premier till May 14th next year, we will have 8 more months of at least four female first ministers in Canada.  I do not know how much longer Eva Aariak will be premier of Nunavut.

Eva Aariak will become the longest serving female premier if she lasts till November 23rd.

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