Friday, September 13, 2013

BC Conservative Leadership Election Rules

I thought I would post this here so that interested people could see the rules under which the BC Conservatives are conducting their leadership election.

Here is the exert from the BC Conservative Constitution
12.05. Voting Procedures for Election of a Leader.
(a) In the event there is only one Candidate for Leader, election shall be by acclamation.
(b) In the event there is more than one candidate, voting will be by universal ballot, with ballots mailed at least fifteen (15) days prior to the Leadership Convention to every member in good standing who will be in good standing as of the date of the Convention. Ballots may be returned by mail or delivered to the Leadership Convention. Ballots must be received by the Party prior to or at the time of the Convention in advance of the vote cut off time in order to be counted.
(c) Voting will be as follows:
(i) each member in good standing will have one vote;
(ii) each member in good standing will be mailed a secret ballot;
(iii) each electoral Constituency will be allotted one hundred (100) points except that electoral Constituencies with less than one hundred (100) members in good standing as at the date of the vote count shall be allocated the number of points that is equal to the number of its members in good standing.
(iv) the ballots will be returned by mail in security envelopes, sorted by electoral Constituency and delivered unopened to the Leadership Convention;
(v) the ballots will be opened and counted at the Convention in the presence of scrutineers appointed by each candidate; and,
(vi) the Leadership candidates will be assigned a point total based on their percentage of the vote in each electoral Constituency.
(vii) To win the leadership, a candidate must obtain a majority of points from across the Province.
(viii) Voting will be by preferential vote (single transferable ballot).
(ix) At each count round, both the weighted results and the results by electoral Constituency shall be made public.

What is interesting about this process is that in every riding with fewer than 100 members we will know the actual membership of the party.   I suspect that at the moment there are many lower mainland ridings where the BC Conservative membership is less than 10 people.  

This section also makes it clear that people can sign up as members through to March 22nd 2014 and still vote in the leadership race.

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