Wednesday, May 14, 2014

One Year Since the 2013 Election and we have a new poll

Insights West has released the third poll of BC politics since the last provincial election and their second one.
           All of BC     Metro Van    Van Island           
Party     May 14 Dec 17 May 14 Dec 17 May 14 Dec 17 
Liberals  38%(-1) 40%   39%(-1) 40%   24%(-10)34%
NDP       39%(+3) 36%   38%(+1) 37%   43%(+4) 39%
Greens    14%     14%   11%(-2) 13%   27%(+4) 23%
BCCP       8%(+2)  6%   10%(+3)  7%    4%(+2)  2%

The results have not changed much since December other than one regional result.  On Vancouver Island the BC Liberals are now in third behind the Greens.

What can we take from this poll?  Not a lot at the moment other than the government and NDP are not far apart in support.  It also shows us that the Green Party does have a concentration of support on Vancouver Island and knowing where the strength of the Greens is on the island, I suspect the Greens and the NDP are not far apart in support in Victoria.

The poll is online panel with 824 respondents to this survey.

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