Monday, September 15, 2014

Since 1867 Canada has had more Scottish Prime Ministers than the UK

Ultimately one of the problems of the UK is that the Scottish people are not a major political power in the country.   One way to clearly see this is to look at how many UK Prime Ministers have had any Scottish Ancestry since 1867 and compare that to Canada.

UK Prime Ministers since 1867 with Scottish Ancestry

  • David Cameron - was born in England
  • Gordon Brown
  • Harold Macmillan - Scottish ancestry on his father's side only
  • Ramsay MacDonald 
  • Bonar Law  -  he was born in Canada
  • Henry Campbell-Bannerman
  • Archibald Philip Primrose -was born in England
  • William Ewart Gladstone

Canadian Prime Ministers with Scottish Ancestry

  • Stephen Harper
  • Kim Campbell
  • Joe Clark
  • Pierre Elliot Trudeau - Scottish on his mother's side
  • Mackenzie Lyon King
  • Arthur Meighen - Ulster Scot
  • Charles Tupper
  • Alexander Mackenzie
  • John A Macdonald
Canada has managed this many Prime Ministers of Scottish ancestry even with so many Francophone Prime Ministers.  

The reality is that no matter how you slice it, Scotland with 5.3 million people is only 10% of the England's population of 53 million.   The United Kingdom will always be dominated by the interests of the population of England and rightly so.  

The status quo is not good for anyone in the UK.   Either Scotland needs to become independent or the UK has to become a proper federation.  The current halfway house is of no benefit to anyone

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