Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Jack McClintock

On November 6, 2007 Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day was in Victoria to speak about the TACKLING VIOLENT CRIME ACT; he laid out how the Conservative Government would deal with violent crime. This comprehensive bill will provide the needed teeth to help police and provide guidance to judges in sentencing predatory and violent criminals.Included in the bill are:
  • mandatory jail time for serious gun crimes
  • stronger bail rules when a gun is used to commit crimes
  • crack down on drinking and drug impaired driving
  • increase the age of consent to protect young people from sexual predators
  • ensure high risk and dangerous offenders face tougher consequences when they are sentenced

For over 25 years I have served as a police officer with Vancouver, Victoria and Central Saanich Police Departments. I know this Act will give my fellow officers valuable tools to protect our children, families, and keep our communities safe. I continue to hear from seniors, parents, and business owners how they are fed up with feeling vulnerable and victimized. There is overwhelming support for a strong government to make criminals responsible for their actions and face real consequences.

As well as these areas of public safety, this community continually raises issues surrounding homelessness, addictions and mental illness. The grim reality of people caught up in homelessness is that it often puts them in harms way due to the predatory nature of drug dealers.

During my police career I have seen the devastating effects of drug addiction on users, families and loved ones. >From my experience I know that when someone reaches out for help to get off drugs, treatment must be immediate and comprehensive. To delay will only result in a return to their death spiral.

There is no “one size fits all” solution. The solution will come from all levels of government working together. This Conservative Government is committed to working towards those solutions.

If you elect me I will bring proven experience at solving difficult matters to this Conservative Government to make a stronger, safer, better Canada.

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