Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The US Presidential Election

This whole early primary process has brought the election process into a doldrum. The race for the nomination has been on for the better part of a year already. The race was intense for three months with one clear results, McCain for the Republicans, and one hung one, the democratic race.

The public is getting bored of the race, there is nothing left to be said, there is nothing left to think, there is just nothing left. This very long process has lead to the death of any debate of substance.

The next vote is in Pennsylvania and is still two weeks away. Realistically the result will be a win for Hillary Clinton but Obama will get delegates as well. I suspect she will have reduced his lead to 100 to 120 delegates. The race will drag on till the bitter end.

An active election should not go on for more than eight weeks, not for several years.

Keeping the race alive and active till November will be a task beyond belief. In the end I believe that this will benefit John McCain because he will be able to rest and plan his campaign whereas whoever wins the democratic nomination will be wrung out and and in need of a long break.

A final thought, imagine if Bill Richardson had stayed in, he would have enough delegates at the convention to decide the outcome.

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