Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

This was an inspired choice by McCain. Not only is she youngish and a woman, she has more experience that Obama with respect to the executive arm of government. The Democrats can not attack her for lack of experience because it will reflect badly on Obama because he is inexperienced and it is attacking the first woman with a real chance to be VP.

McCain also chose someone that knows how to campaign and has been through some killer races she was not supposed to win. And she was always the candidate on the side of ethics, openness and transparency.

He has also chosen someone with a proven track record as a straight shooter and independent. Whereas Biden exudes inside the beltway, Palin is the outsider willing to talk truth to power. She is a radical in American politics and she is a perfect fit for the middle American.

A woman that is a member of the NRA because she is a hunter. A woman that is a fitness advocate and loves the outdoors. In many ways she is a female Teddy Rosevelt. McCain made this choice to tweak the noses of the Republican establishment, no one else on the Republican side would have made this choice.

McCain has also set her up as the clear frontrunner for the nomination in 2012 if they lose or McCain only does one term. I suspect McCain will do one term and let people know this early on. By doing that he can push his agenda and not care about re-election.

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