Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What Next in this Election?

I am reasonably confident that Stephen Harper will get a majority in this election, but there are some other results beyond that which matter to Canada and I hope will happen.

  1. The Bloc looks like it is going down - I think this is a very good thing as they have been sitting on sits in Ottawa for no benefit to anyone in the country. The Bloc is no longer a revolt against the status quo, but more reminder some people do not like it. I would like to see them reduced fourth party status and less than 30 seats. There end is in sight, though they may linger on like the Creditistes did.
  2. It would benefit the country if the NDP became the official opposition. Clearly Layton has been the real opposition to the government for the last two and half years and a Harper majority needs a strong principled opposition that will hold their feet to the fire. The NDP is the only party that can do this. If they manage to get to official opposition, they will be the smallest since 1984.
  3. I would like to see the Liberals reduced to third or fourth party in the house. I would like to see them not win a single seat west of Ontario and be more or less shut out of Quebec. The Liberals are the sort of elitist government that I hate. They are awful in opposition. They are the party least guided by beliefs or principles. They have been bad for Canada for a long time now. We would have been better off with Conservatives and NDP holding power than the Liberals.
  4. I would like to see the Greens elect a few MPs. I think they will be very hard pressed to win any seats and then three or four is about it, but I believe they are a new sort of thinking in politics that is needed in Ottawa. They are neither left nor right in the traditional sense and show people that those labels are outdated.
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