Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ben Could Not Come Out to the Airport

There was a rally for Stephen Harper at the Victoria Airport today.

I went along to support Gary, Jack and Troy. It was good to see a lot of friends there, with what is happening in my life with my father in law and the birth of Max, I have been rather out of the picture for many months.

It was your classic political rally.

I did get the chance to shake hands with Laureen Harper and Stephen Harper. Ben could not miss school after having been sick earlier in the week - the late french immersion is not easy - so I asked his question for him of the Prime Minister.

I asked him about children being able to vote and his quick answer, which he needed to do because he had to work through the crowd, was that it is complicated and he asked back "what do we do about so many youth aged 18 to 30 that are not turning out to vote?"

The Jack sign in the last picture is one we are using for in the local Conservative campaign for Jack McClintock, nothing to do with Jack Layton even if the two of them look very similar. I will post their pics side by side and let you see how they both look like senior RCMP officers.

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