Friday, November 28, 2008

Coup de Etat coming in Canada?

Canadians rejected the Liberals last month, the party did worse than ever before, and now they want to be government? They are suggesting the Liberals and NDP have a coalition government. The two parties together are smaller than the governing Conservatives.

A coalition of 114 seats compared to 143 Conservatives - they simply have no right to govern in any way shape or form. No governor general will agree to that.

The Bloc as part of coalition? Dream on, no chance. The Liberals and Bloc with Dion? With the clarity act? The heirs of Trudeau in bed with the separatists? Are you nuts?

On another point, I am really pissed off that the opposition is ignoring the fact the government has already done a $31 000 000 000 stimulus package through tax cuts - the only type that works.
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