Monday, November 3, 2008

Terry Glavin in Afghanistan

Victoria writer Terry Glavin has take a trip to Afghanistan, you can read about his experiences here. The latest entry is about his ride across the country to get to the Afghan School Project in Kandahar. One way to make a difference in that country to take some time and donate money to the school. The facebook group is here.

I am getting more and more depressed about the opposition to the war in Afghanistan because it is so fundamentally unprincipled and isolationist. My personal opposition is to all war on the grounds of faith. But being opposed to war does not mean I am opposed to making the world a better place. We in the west are flipping out about our investments but are unwilling to make small scale donations of our time or money to improve the lot of people in Kandahar.

The problems we have here in Canada are minor blemishes on the highest and best standard of living human society has ever seen. But people spend their time gazing at their own navels and not seeing the bigger picture of this world.

We can make a difference through a school here, a well there, and other small projects that help some people.

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Terry Glavin said...

Thanks for your kind post, Bernard.

And about your note to me: If you want to set something up, especially if it were convened by the Quakers, I would be honoured to debate / converse with real pacifists for once. I expect I'd learn a thing or two as well.