Monday, January 19, 2009

Recent death of my mother and father in law

On January 11th my mother died and then on the 13th my father in law Scott Hobbs died. In a matter of two days Sheila and I became orphans. My father died in 2003 and Sheila's mum died in 1997.

Scott lived with us for 11 months, first to get treatment for his cancer but this did not work. Since early September we knew he was going to die. The last weeks he was getting weaker and weaker. He was finally too weak for us to care for him at home and he spend his last days at Victoria Hospice. Scott was only 65.

We had not expected my mother to pass anytime soon, she hosted all the family in BC at her home on December 19th and there was no real indication of any problems. She went into the hospital right after Christmas and they found she had very advanced cancer. She died only two weeks later.

I hope to get back to posting iconoclastic thoughts on politics in the next week or two.

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